Turn-Key Sales & Marketing Management Consultancy

Building a new hotel is a daunting and expensive undertaking. Time is of the essence and hotel owners have other things to worry about then how to position and market the new property, let alone finding the right people to handle such an important function as sales & marketing. The wrong positioning and pricing structure can cost millions to investors and may take years before a course correction will overcome just one of these costly mistakes. E&A Trends’ consultants are familiar with a vast number of Asian & European markets and are able to give insights into their often difficult cultural and political situations.
Turn-Key Sales & Marketing Consultancy
Turn-Key Sales & Marketing Management Consultancy

How We Can Assist You

A team of highly motivated and capable individuals with years of hands-on experience take care of everything from hiring sales staff to training them, setting up the administrative side of the department as well as writing sales policies & procedures in accordance with owner’s requests. Furthermore, a comprehensive Marketing Plan is written with the help of our proprietary automated Marketing Plan Software System – MAPS (developed by our software affiliate E&A Solutions), outlining strategic Sales & Marketing objectives (including Public Relations) that are easy to follow and implemented even after our team has handed over responsibilities to the in-coming department head.


Of course, E&A Trends’ team works closely with the owner or his appointed representative on any sales & marketing strategies and makes sure to align sales & marketing objectives to those of the owning company.



A feasible time-line for this kind of consultancy ranges from about three months to six months before the opening of the hotel, depending on the type of hotel and market. Naturally, we would be more than happy to further assist after the opening.