Our Expertise

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Sales & Marketing Workshops

Our sales & marketing as well as revenue management workshops have been attended by thousands of students from all over the world. They all worked in as many diverse as well as competitive markets and situations as one can imagine. 

Market & Feasibility Studies

E&A Trends conducts Market & Feasibility Studies for any hotel-type and in any market. Hotel Owners and Investors as well as Hotel Management Companies have relied on E&A Trends’ prompt and accurate viability evaluations for new and existing hotels in a variety of markets.

Sales & Marketing Department Audit

For E&A Trends’ consultants to conduct an objective and meaningful Sales & Marketing Department Audit, they look first into the current market situation, both economically and politically, as well as at existing hotel programs, the client (data) base in addition to a competitive analysis with the help of E&A Trends’ proprietary automated SWOT Analysis System.

Hotel (Re-)Positioning & Restructuring Consultancy

Competition is getting fiercer by the day. You had better keep up with the trends in new technologies and architectural prowess of newer hotels in your market. Keeping in step with your competition only helps you to remain in the game, effectively selling and marketing your product after a renovation however, will give you the edge over those friendly rivals. Adapting to new markets and clients takes time and the willingness to objectively evaluate your product as well as your team with a view to restructuring & re-positioning.


Short/Medium-Term Relief Consultancy

Members of the Sales & Marketing department who resign are often asked to leave their office immediately, thus creating a void in not only the continuation of servicing clients, but also – in the case of the department-head leaving – a loss of strategic thinking as well as guiding the rest of the sales & marketing force.


Because of E&A Trends’ vast experience in many markets and hotels, it is perfectly suited to running the Sales & Marketing department until a suitable candidate can be found. E&A Trends may even assist in placing the right candidate for the hotel, thus paving the way for a seamless and well coordinated hand-over that leaves the team fully functional.

Turn-Key Sales & Marketing Consultancy

Building a new hotel is a daunting and expensive undertaking. Time is of the essence and hotel owners have other things to worry about then how to position and market the new property, let alone finding the right people to handle such an important function as sales & marketing. The wrong positioning and pricing structure can cost millions to investors and may take years before a course correction will overcome just one of these costly mistakes. E&A Trends’ consultants are familiar with a vast number of markets in Asia and are able to give insights into their often difficult cultural and political situations.


Mystery Shopping

Competition in the 21st century is ugly. Globalization is tearing down borders and businesses are more aggressive, more competitive than ever before. What needs to be done? What do your guests expect of your product? How do they want you to communicate with them? A “Mystery Shopper” can give you valuable answers to these questions.


Having your Hotel ‘shopped’ by a professional “Mystery Guest” helps not only maintain but further improve your standards of service. Mystery Guests work anonymously and discreetly. No-one will ever suspect them of evaluating your services and facilities as they seamlessly blend into your general guest profile.


[tɪmz]® - 
Training Implementation & Monitoring System

E&A Trends’ "[tɪmz]®” – Training Implementation & Monitoring System is available to all workshop participants as it assists with the implementation of concepts and follow up after students have attended any of E&A Trends’ sales & marketing training-courses.


[tɪmz]® is easy to navigate and offers its users an effective approach to making their day-to-day work more efficient while keeping an eye on the time-lines established for certain tasks in addition to verifying the competency levels of individuals' as well as team’s performance standards.