Market & Feasibility Studies

E&A Trends conducts Market & Feasibility Studies for any hotel-type and in any market. Hotel Owners and Investors as well as Hotel Management Companies have relied on E&A Trends’ prompt and accurate viability evaluations for new and existing hotels in a variety of markets.
Market & Feasibility Studies for Hotels
Market & Feasibility Studies

What You Can Expect

E&A Trends’ consultants work closely with the client to first gain basic background information on the property, i.e., services and facilities offered. Once this is done, a full and comprehensive study of its marketability is conducted. Aside from historical data, the study also takes current and future trends for the particular market into account – all to establish the right positioning strategy for the hotel. Furthermore, it looks in detail at the competition and analyzes potential market segments with a view to pricing structures and rate positioning.

Benefits of Market & Feasibility Studies

All too often, hotel owners & investors build or take over existing hotels without following ‘due diligence’ processes or end up going after the wrong markets; thus losing out on more profitable opportunities. A well conducted Market & Feasibility Study can reduce or even eliminate the risks of long-term losses.


A typical Feasibility Study takes four to six weeks, depending on location and type of hotel.