Hotel (Re-)Positioning & Restructuring

Competition is getting fiercer by the day. You had better keep up with the trends in new technologies and architectural prowess of newer hotels in your market. Keeping in step with your competition only helps you to remain in the game, effectively selling and marketing your product after the renovation however, will give you the edge over them. Adapting to new markets and clients takes time and the willingness to objectively evaluate your product as well as your team with a view to restructuring & re-positioning.
Hotel Re-positioning / Restructuring
Hotel (Re-)Positioning & Restructuring

What You Can Expect

E&A Trends’ team of highly motivated and capable individuals with years of hands-on experience will evaluate your current market situation, arrival figures, historical data in addition to your competitiveness and positioning. These findings will then take your Sales & Marketing staff’s competencies and effectiveness into account before our consultants form objectives and recommend strategies.


Furthermore, a comprehensive Marketing Plan is written with the help of our proprietary automated Marketing Plan Software System – MAPS (developed by our software affiliate E&A Solutions), outlining strategic Sales & Marketing objectives (including Public Relations) that are easy to follow and implemented even after our team has handed over responsibilities to the incumbent department head.


Of course, E&A Trends’ team works closely with the owner or his appointed representative on any sales & marketing strategies and makes sure to align sales & marketing objectives to those of the owning company.


A feasible time-line for this kind of consultancy ranges from about two months to four months before the completion of the hotel’s renovation, depending on the type of hotel and market. Naturally, we would be more than happy to further assist after the renovation.