Mystery Shopping

Competition in the 21st century is ugly. Globalization is tearing down borders and businesses are more aggressive, more competitive than ever before. What needs to be done? What do your guests expect of your product? How do they want you to communicate with them? A “Mystery Shopper” can give you valuable answers to these questions.
Mystery Shopping for Hotels
Mystery Shopping

Having your Hotel ‘shopped’ by a professional “Mystery Guest” helps not only maintain but further improve your standards of service. Mystery Guests work anonymously and discreetly. No-one will ever suspect them of evaluating your services and facilities as they seamlessly blend into your general guest profile.



Shopping Format

E&A Trends’ ‘Mystery Guest’ anonymously checks in without any prior knowledge of management or staff members (alternatively, pre-registered with the General Managers’ knowledge only) and typically spends three days/two nights at the hotel, evaluating a predetermined set of target areas, such as Guest-Rooms, Front Desk & Reservations, Food & Beverage Outlets, Sales & Marketing and other hotel departments, as assigned by management.


Our “Shopping Evaluation Format” is entirely built and developed on your internal Policies & Procedures as well as Service Standards. Objectivity will be achieved if and when the ‘shopping evaluation format’ is consistent with the performance standards set by the hotel. Hence, the shopper’s assessment is only determined by the hotel’s standards and not E&A Trends’.



Depending on the size of the hotel and its facilities, a typical mystery visit takes between three to four days onsite.