Sales & Marketing Department Audits

E&A Trends’ consultants conduct objective and meaningful Sales & Marketing Department Audits by looking first into the current market situation, both economically and politically, as well as at existing hotel programs, the client (data) base in addition to a competitive analysis with the help of E&A Trends’ proprietary automated SWOT Analysis System.
Sales & Marketing Audits for Hotels
Sales & Marketing Department Audits

What You Can Expect

The focus is on the next 12 to 24 months. The path to success is determined by the Management/Owner’s expectations over that time period and how a marketing strategy is/was implemented and executed. Ultimate goals can be infinite in time, i.e., for image and  prestige, while a particular position in market share or occupancy (MPI & RGI Indices Ratings) should be looked at as medium to long term goals.


As a first step, the consultants acquaint themselves with performance standards as well as detailed revenue projections for different market segments over the next 12 months. Furthermore, the administrative set-up of the office (policies & procedures) is reviewed, from client communication to planning cycles to implementation of Market Action Programs and Customer Management (sales) in addition to sales competencies of all sales & marketing staff. Data-base mining is yet another important aspect of the audit and special attention will be given to this topic.


Budget recommendations are made along with strategy suggestions for sales and marketing in addition to staffing requirements/competencies. The audit includes all sectors of the hotel, from rooms to food & beverage outlets to banqueting, meetings and/or any other revenue generating departments; all this, of course, with a view to marketing and sales.


A detailed report of the audit, including recommendations for a more streamlined operation as well as strategies for the Sales & Marketing Department will be submitted to the General Manager within 10 days of the completion of the audit.


A typical Sales & Marketing Department Audit takes four to five days, depending on the size of the department and/or the type of the hotel.