Short/Medium-Term Sales & Marketing Relief Management

Members of the Sales & Marketing department who resign are often asked to leave their office immediately, thus creating a void in not only the continuation of servicing clients, but also – in the case of the department-head leaving – a loss of strategic thinking as well as guiding the rest of the sales & marketing force.
Short-term Relief Management
Short/Medium-Term Sales & Marketing Relief Management

How We Can Assist You

Because of E&A Trends’ vast experience in many markets and hotels, it is perfectly suited to running the Sales & Marketing department until a suitable candidate can be found. E&A Trends may even assist in placing the right candidate for the hotel, thus paving the way for a seamless and well coordinated hand-over that leaves the team fully functional.


E&A Trends steps in and takes over the management of the Sales & Marketing department until a suitable candidate has been found and is fully integrated.


The first step after taking charge of the department is a comprehensive audit of Sales & Marketing, while the consultant also continues guiding the day-to-day operation of the department in addition to streamlining the office administration by advising on possible opportunities that may further increase the sales team’s output.


The benefits in having E&A Trends as your ‘Short Term Relief Management’ consultant are numerous: our clients always liked our fresh approach to their sales & marketing efficiency. Furthermore, the audit gives detailed feedback on the teams’ administrative competencies and effectiveness in positioning the hotel to its best advantage.


The time-line for this type of consultancy ranges from four weeks to about six months, depending on your requirements.