Hotel Sales & Marketing Workshops
Hotel Sales & Marketing Workshops

The Datai, Langkawi Island, Malaysia

Hotel Sales Training
Hotel Sales Training

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Roland Kapl
Roland Kapl

Geschäftsführer von E&A Trends Consulting Group, tailormade sales programs for hotels

Hotel Sales & Marketing Workshops
Hotel Sales & Marketing Workshops

The Datai, Langkawi Island, Malaysia

E&A Trends Group

For over two decades now, E&A Trends has provided specialized sales and marketing expertise to Asia/Pacific’s aggressively competitive hospitality industry by holding true to its mission to partner and support leading enterprises in their goals in achieving sustained growth through development, enhancement, and the implementation of innovative sales & marketing as well as business designs. 

In 2017, E&A Trends opened its European office in Munich, Germany under the name of E&A Trends Consulting Group. Its philosophy remains unchanged and distinguishes itself through proprietary business design techniques, combined with specialized in-depth knowledge, which enable clients to anticipate the changing priorities of customers, understand the evolving competitive environment, and then design their businesses to seize opportunities created by those changes. 

Leaders of major hospitality companies in a variety of industries have called on E&A Trends’ consultants for their expertise and in-depth knowledge to solve even the most challenging issues affecting their businesses.


E&A Trends' service offerings range from conducting skill-based sales & marketing workshops to feasibility studies or the (re-)positioning of new or redeveloped hotels, to audits of sales departments and relief management projects as well as mystery shopping assignments.


All this is backed up by decades of first hand experiences in predominantly 4 and 5 star hotels, in both business and resort properties.  

E&A Trends’ innovative "[tɪmz]®” – Training Implementation & Monitoring System helps with the execution of concepts and the follow up after training-participants have attended any of E&A Trends’ sales & marketing workshops.


"[tɪmz]®" is easy to navigate and offers its users an effective approach to making their day-to-day work more efficient while keeping an eye on the time-lines established for certain tasks in addition to verifying the competency levels of the team’s performance.

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February 2020


Is Your OTA Distribution Cost Also Eating Into Your Profits?


For over 20 years now, E&A Trends has been instrumental in developing hotel sales & marketing people’s careers. In the last few years one topic was driving almost any conversation with our clients: OTA distribution and its associated cost. Is your OTA distribution cost also eating into your profits? Are your OTA travelers also slowly, but surely replacing your regular ‘repeat’ customers? Is your sales team’s contribution dwindling? Reaching your customers through other, less costly distribution channels is nowadays becoming a prerequisite for not only protecting your profits but good marketing. But how? Click          for more information!